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Pattern Disruptive

Here's what fans have to say about this classic CD:

Dan Klinker ( wrote:

I may step on a few toes here, but this is the third best Allman Brothers Band album ever made, First is the first album, then Shades of Two Worlds, then Pattern Disruptive. Warren Haynes kicks ass on this album, the songs are pure Allman Brothers Band, Just listen to Under the Guns of Love, or Time to Roll. I may have to change my mind and place this album higher on my personal list, This album is the real deal and kicks serious ass! Do yourself a favor and buy a copy!

Fred Evans ( wrote:

What a great album! Just add Gregg Allman and you would definitely get the Allman Brothers Band..two more years....getting there....getting there....

Mike ( wrote:
I searched and searched for a Dickey album. I am even more of a Dickey fan now. Be sure to listen to Ce la ve'. It is a classic Dickey tune.

crowy ( wrote:
Do yourself a favor and add this cd to your collection. A must have.

Added:  Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Reviewer:  Lana
hits: 9931
Language: eng


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