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DB & GS Amos' Charlotte 6-9-04

Hot Dang!!! Dickey Betts & Great Southern Amos' last night! Awesome! Just awesome. As good as the show in Asheville was this year, DB&GS show at Amos' in Charlotte last night was 10 x better. Seriously one of the absoute best shows I've seen. My concert going brother for this night was the Thin Man. He said it was, "the best sixteen dollars" he's ever spent in his entire life. I want to say that I'm proud of the Thin Man. He passed his pre-concert sobriety test and didn't get into the hard stuff until mid-way second set. I didn't see any tapers, but would give my right nut to get a copy of this show. Also there was a great crowd who stayed all night. While it was mostly male in attendance all the girls I saw were very pretty.

We arrived early and in "high" anticipation. Little did we know we would get everthing we hoped for and more many times over. Took up a position right beside of Carol/Bluefox, Jim King and that couple with the kid right at the front of the stage. (I later told my friend Rusty Barkley who was also in attendance that, "Man I could have grabbed 'em." Rusty replied, "Don't do that, Chris.") Also right behind us was Artie and the lovely Rebecca. I also spotted Ron E. Glad you made it Ron!

Amos' wasn't as bad as Brother Ron would have had me believe from some earlier PM's. In fact it was down right cozy! Also the sound was incredible the whole night start to finish front to back. Mucho kudos to the sound crew. I saw the first set front and center and the last set in front of the bar. There was no drop in quality of sound whatsoever. Maybe a little drop in volume near the bar, but for that my tired ears were grateful.

Next the instramental performances by Dickey Betts and the band were just stellar. Frankie's drumming in Liz Reed was spectacular and his background vocals put a little icing on the cake everytime around. Mike Kach's playing and singing were great! And we got to hear Get Away, my nomination for song of the year. I told everybody I could to look out for this song and the band sure obliged. When is the record coming out, y'all! I want it NOW! Dave Stoltz did an admirable job holding down the bass and he probably has to be one of the friendliest guys in the business. Hey Dave quit talking to everybody in the crowd and get back onstage and play already!

Now let me talk about the guitar tandem of Dangerous Dan Toler and Dickey Betts. Let me just say one thing. There is no better in rock today, period. Okay that out of the way, Dan and Dickey tore it up all night long. It was a veritable guitar freak's dream. Complex harmonies, melodies, riffs, georgous solos, firely solos all played flawlessly and seemingly effortless. Dickey and Dan weren't bothered by the sometimes incessant flash of the cameras because they had their eyes closed, lost in their own worlds. Yet they were busy taking the crowd with them to these wonderful places with their music. I was personally transported over the frigging moon!

Also let me say something about the man himself. Dickey took the time to make this such an incredibly personal experiece for everybody there. The venue in itself was a very intimate setting, but Dickey made you feel like you were in his den down in Florida. "I wrote this song up in a cabin, out in the woods, in Statesville, NC." Dickey said about Blue Sky. Statesville is no more than 20 miles from my home! "We going to play two shows for those of you who've got baby sitters." Dickey said explaining the two 1 hr and 20 min. sets. "This is an old song but it's a good song," was the quote on Ramblin' Man. I don't know why he felt the urge to explain alot of the music, but I, being an anecdote lover almost as much as a music lover, was in seventh heaven.

Songs and set lists are for the more anal retentive than me. However, let me say that Dona Maria, Nobody Knows, Statesboro Blues, Blue Sky, BWIAB, Girl With The Blue Eyes, Get Away, Come In to My Kitchen, Change My Way Of Living, and everything else I've forgotten were all just awesome and almost new standard versions of all the tunes.

The markee says Dickey Betts & Great Southern and truely that juggernaut worked like a team to blow the roof off Amos' and blow the minds of everybody there kind of like some rockin' twister out of the South. Great Southern pushed Dickey and Dickey pushed them with some incredible rhythm riffs and fills when it was the others time to shine. And shine they did. Everybody answered the call. Crowd included. God bless y'all, Dickey Betts and Great Southern.

Did I mention Dickey plays slide ........


Added:  Thursday, June 10, 2004
Reviewer:  Chris "Charlesinator
hits: 4125


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Posted by lde47 on Apr 05, 2008 - 04:10 AM
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Good review of a great show. I was there also. Get ready, the Ramblin' Man is coming back to Charlotte on June 13, 2008 and this time it's at the Neighborhood Theater. Looking forward to another great time with DB & GS. See you there!

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